Kip Commons

Winchester Walmart Store Manager Kip Commons delivers a pie to the face of Pharmacy Manager Felicia Sells in celebration of reaching fundraising goals.

The employee break room at the Winchester Walmart was packed with associates on Friday to witness Store Manager Kip Commons in a rare situation — wearing a plastic poncho and covered with pie all over his face and head.

The festive occasion was the result of store employees having raised about $9,000 to benefit the nonprofit Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital which is part of the Children’s Miracle Network.

According to Commons, the store was $400 short of reaching its annual goal at the start of the final week of the fundraiser.

As an incentive for the Winchester Walmart associates to dig deep for a good cause, Commons offered up himself to receive not one but two pies in the face if the goal was met in time.

The goal was not only met in two days but was exceeded as associates raised $800.

True to his word, Commons walked solemnly to the break room and donned his protective attire while associates cheered and laughed.

Every person in the room had a smile on their face when their boss made good on his promise.

Associate and Men’s Department Manager Bonnie Tomes was the first to throw her pie at Commons’ face.

Associates cheered and jeered, and Commons stoically resolved himself for the next pie assault which was delivered in a slow and thorough fashion by associate and fitting room attendant Belinda Bellar.

The pie shenanigans weren’t done, however, as the extra money raised called for another pie in the face to Pharmacy Manager Felicia Sells. This time, though, Commons himself delivered the whipped-cream assault.