Bryan Hamby

Bryan Hamby nearly tips over during one of his runs in the RZR obstacle course at the June Bog Jam Saturday in Winchester. Hamby avoided flipping to complete the run and finished with the top time in his second run to win the event.

The fifth annual June Bog Jam was held Saturday at the Southern Middle Tennessee Pavilion in Winchester after weather delayed its initial June 2 event.
The event featured a RZR obstacle course as well as an ATV mud bog and a truck mud bog.
The event serves as a way to raise money and awareness for the Franklin County Fair. The 2018 edition of the County Fair is scheduled for Oct. 2-6.
People came from all over to witness and compete in the event which opened its doors at about noon and continued on until the night.
Check out Tuesday's edition of the Herald Chronicle for more on the event, including the top finishers in each division.