Gracie Morse

Franklin County's Gracie Morse leaps over a hurdle during a sub-sectional meet Friday at Tullahoma High School. Morse finished first in the 100-meter hurdles, the 300-meter hurdles, the long jump and the triple jump at the meet.

FC girls claim sub-sectional title

Lee Steakley

Franklin County's Lee Steakley competes in the shot put event during a sub-sectional meet Friday at Tullahoma High School. Steakley finished first in the shot put and second in the discus throw at the meet.

The Franklin County High School boys and girls track and field teams competed in their sub-sectional meet Friday at Tullahoma High School.

The top four finishers in each event at the meet earned berths to the sectional meet with 34 Franklin County athletes meeting that qualifying standard across 30 events.

The FC girls finished first in their team standings as they claimed a sub-sectional championship behind 11 first-place finishes.

The FC boys finished second in their standings as the Coffee County boys narrowly beat them by just four points.

Recording first-place finishes were:

  • Kahlynia Vanzant, girls 100-meter dash, 12.84 seconds
  • Kahlynia Vanzant, girls 200-meter dash, 27.23 seconds
  • Kara McDaniel, girls 400-meter dash, 1:04.65
  • Kara McDaniel, girls 800-meter run, 2:32.49
  • Gracie Morse, girls 100-meter hurdles, 16.43 seconds
  • Gracie Morse, girls 300-meter hurdles, 47.18 seconds
  • Amaya Rice, Amelia Myers, Destiny Russell and Kahlynia Vanzant, girls 4x200-meter relay, 1:53.06
  • Erin Worthington, Nora Daugherty, Zulema Martinez and Kara McDaniel, girls 4x800-meter relay, 11:01.39
  • Gracie Morse, girls long jump, 16 feet, 4.5 inches
  • Gracie Morse, girls triple jump, 34 feet, 4 inches
  • Morgan Ratcliffe, girls discus throw, 86 feet, 4 inches
  • NaShawn Holman, boys 200-meter dash, 22.98 seconds
  • Jeb Martin, boys 400-meter dash, 52.43 seconds
  • NaShawn Holman, Raymond Pirtle, Jamal Blackwell and Na’Zaiyah Holman, boys 4x100-meter relay, 44.4 seconds
  • LT Taylor, Thomas Toombs, Jeb Martin and Jayden Taylor, boys 4x400-meter relay, 3:53.04
  • Daniel Heath, Braden Collins, Rylan Banks and Jayden Taylor, boys 4x800-meter relay, 9:48.64
  • Lee Steakley, boys shot put, 47 feet, 0.5 inches

Recording second-place finishes were:

  • Paris Reed, girls 100-meter dash, 13.47 seconds
  • Paris Reed, girls 200-meter dash, 27.88 seconds
  • Erin Worthington, girls 1,600-meter run, 5:53.21
  • Sophie Roberts, girls 3,200-meter run, 14:32.55
  • Kahlynia Vanzant, Amelia Myers, Kara McDaniel and Paris Reed, girls 4x100-meter relay, 55.44 seconds
  • Haley Summers, girls shot put, 28 feet, 6.5 inches
  • NaShawn Holman, boys 100-meter dash, 11.01 seconds
  • Jayden Taylor, boys 400-meter dash, 54.48 seconds
  • Devin Johnson, boys 110-meter hurdles, 18.72 seconds
  • Lee Steakley, boys discus throw, 132 feet, 5 inches

Recording third-place finishes were:

  • Destiny Russell, girls 200-meter dash, 28.71 seconds
  • Erin Worthington, girls 400-meter dash, 1:05.31
  • Erin Worthington, girls 800-meter run, 2:37.43
  • Zulema Martinez, girls 3,200-meter run, 14:39.06
  • Na’Zaiyah Holman, boys 100-meter dash, 11.35 seconds
  • Na’Zaiyah Holman, boys 200-meter dash, 23.27 seconds
  • Ke’Andre Johnson, boys 110-meter hurdles, 20.64 seconds
  • LT Taylor, Debron Russell, Ke’Andre Johnson and Raymond Pirtle, boys 4x200-meter relay, 1:37.03
  • Debron Russell, boys high jump, 6 feet, 0.5 inches

Recording fourth-place finishes were:

  • Zulema Martinez, girls 1,600-meter run, 6:33.76
  • Ada Watkins, Abby Phrommala, JoriLee Scott-Winton and Amelia Myers, girls 4x400-meter relay, 5:22.41
  • Chloe Bradford, girls triple jump, 29 feet, 7.5 inches
  • Alaya Fuqua, girls shot put, 24 feet, 9 inches
  • Madison Carr, girls discus throw, 62 feet, 8 inches
  • Daniel Heath, boys 800-meter run, 2:21.49
  • Braden Collins, boys 3,200-meter run, 12:04.48
  • Debron Russell, boys 300-meter hurdles, 49.66 seconds, fourth

Other performances and placements for Franklin County athletes at the sub-sectional meet included:

  • Ada Watkins, girls 100-meter hurdles, 19.49 seconds, fifth
  • Amaya Rice, girls triple jump, 28 feet, 3 inches, fifth
  • Teyanni Ward, girls discus throw, 62 feet, 6.5 inches, fifth
  • Braden Collins, boys 1,600-meter run, 5:28.09, fifth
  • Debron Russell, boys 110-meter hurdles, 21.46 seconds, fifth
  • Jayden Norwood, boys 300-meter hurdles, 52.71 seconds, fifth
  • Nora Daugherty, girls 1,600-meter run, 6:41.8, sixth
  • Morgan Ratcliffe, girls 300-meter hurdles, 59.69 seconds, sixth
  • Sophie Roberts, girls high jump, 4 feet, 2 inches, sixth
  • Chloe Bradford, girls long jump, 13 feet, 5.5 inches, sixth
  • Cecelia Morris, girls shot put, 22 feet, 11 inches, sixth
  • Na’Zaiyah Holman, boys long jump, 17 feet, 11.5 inches, sixth
  • Matthew Ratcliffe, boys shot put, 37 feet, 3.5 inches, sixth
  • Abby Phrommala, girls 400-meter dash, 1:15.56, seventh
  • Nora Daugherty, girls 300-meter hurdles, 1:00.2, seventh
  • Ada Watkins, girls high jump, 4 feet, 1 inch, seventh
  • Braden Collins, boys 800-meter run, 2:27.97, seventh
  • Daniel Heath, boys 1,600-meter run, 5:33.52, seventh
  • LT Taylor, boys high jump, 5 feet, 8 inches, seventh
  • NaShawn Holman, boys triple jump, 35 feet, 11 inches, seventh
  • Maurious Patton, boys discus throw, 93 feet, 3 inches, seventh
  • JoriLee Scott-Winton, girls 100-meter dash, 14.43 seconds, eighth
  • Amaya Rice, girls long jump, 13 feet, eighth
  • Jayden Norwood, boys triple jump, 35 feet, 3 inches, eighth
  • Thomas Toombs, boys 400-meter dash, 1:01.2, ninth
  • Jamal Blackwell, boys triple jump, 34 feet, 3 inches, ninth
  • Matthew Ratcliffe, boys discus throw, 68 feet, 2 inches, ninth
  • Christian Woodcock, boys 800-meter run, 2:45.46, 11th
  • Maurious Patton, boys shot put, 29 feet, 8.5 inches, 11th
  • Cristian Fravel, boys 1,600-meter run, 6:41.79, 12th
  • Jamal Blackwell, boys 100-meter dash, 12.47 seconds, 13th
  • Jamal Blackwell, boys long jump, 15 feet, 6 inches, 13th
  • Jayden Norwood, boys long jump, 15 feet, 1.5 inches, 14th

The qualifying members of the FCHS boys and girls track and field teams will next compete on Friday in their sectional meet at Riverdale High School. The meet is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m.