Eric Jones

North's Eric Jones runs up the field with the ball during a game Tuesday at Harris Middle School. Jones scored the lone touchdown of the day for the Gators in the 12-6 loss.

The North Middle School Gators lost to the Harris Middle School Eagles 12-6 in double overtime on the road Tuesday for their third loss of the season.

The game was a defensive battle throughout with the Gators taking a close loss in the sudden-death format of overtime.

North head football coach Kenny Shultz said he felt like his players were not as prepared as they could have been for the game with the blame falling on his shoulders.

“I feel like we weren’t prepared, in all honesty, and that’s nobody’s fault but my own. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board,” Shultz said.

The Eagles got the first score of the day early in the contest to put the Gators in a 6-0 hole.

The Gators would not be able to score in the first half as they trailed 6-0 at halftime.

Eric Jones got the Gators on the board with the first play of the second half as he broke off a long run to tie the score at 6-6.

Neither team was able to break the tie which meant the game was sent to overtime with each team being given a possession 10 yards away from the end zone.

The Gators got the ball to start the first overtime period, but they would not score as an interception ended the series.

However, the Gators forced a second overtime period by getting a turnover on downs to keep the score tied.

The Eagles started the second overtime period and almost immediately scored to take a six-point lead.

The Gators were able to push the ball inside the 5-yard line on their possession for double overtime, but they could not reach the end zone in their four plays as they took the loss by six.

Shultz said he will be looking for his players to close out the season on a high note in their final few games.

“We’ve got two games left and we’ve got to finish the season hard and get two victories,” Shultz said. “I told them, ‘Let’s come in tomorrow and let’s get back to work’”

With the loss, the Gators moved to 2-3 on the season.

They will next play Tuesday at Tullahoma Middle School. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.