Franklin County's Paul McRae holds up his certificate won after finishing first overall in the RecruitUS College Showcase event held Saturday in Hermitage. McRae bowled a combined score of 844 across four games to claim the top spot at the event.

Franklin County High School bowler Paul McRae competed in the RecruitUS College Showcase in Hermitage Saturday and finished with the top overall score of the event.

The event featured bowlers from seventh grade all the way up through 12th grade with McRae notching the highest score overall with a total of 844 points across four games.

The purpose of the event was to bring high school bowlers who are interested in pursuing bowling at the collegiate level into contact with college coaches.

The event gave McRae gave opportunity to meet and exchange information with 13 college coaches from across the nation while also showing his skills as a bowler.

There were a total of 62 athletes at the showcase with 39 on the boys side and 23 on the girls side.

McRae’s total score of 844 was enough to net him first place among the 11th-grade boys in competition in addition to capturing the top overall score. The next closest to McRae was Devean LittleJohn with a total score of 831 across four games.

Third place on the boys side went to 12th grader CJ Williams at 806 points for the event.

FCHS teammate Haley Powell was in competition on the girls side, and she finished 17th in the overall girls standings with a total score of 611 for the event. This score also put her in seventh place for the 11th-grade girls division.

The top overall bowler on the girls side was Victoria Hines with a cumulative score of 810.

McRae and Powell are both entering their junior seasons with the FCHS bowling team. The Rebel bowlers will begin their 2019 season in September.