Paul McRae

Franklin County’s Paul McRae prepares to roll a ball down the lane during a district tournament match Monday at Tenn Pin Alley in Columbia. McRae averaged a score of 243.33 across six games for the event as the Rebels made it to the semifinals before being eliminated.

The Franklin County Rebel bowlers lost to the Spring Hill Raiders 18.5-5.5 at Tenn Pin Alley in Columbia Monday in a semifinal match for their district tournament.

The Rebels jumped out to an early lead, but the Raiders controlled the rest of the match to eliminate them from the bracket.

The individual games in the first set were split evenly with Angel Fornecker, Jimmy Shields and Haley Powell scoring points for Franklin County.

The Rebels also got the two points for total pins in the set by a margin of 1,077-1,049.

They led 5-3 at the end of the first set.

The Raiders bounced back with four individual wins in the second set as Paul McRae and Anna Fornecker were the point-scorers for the Rebels.

The Raiders claimed the two points for total pin count by a score of 1,142-1,038, and they led 9-7 going into the final set.

The Rebels struggled in the final set as Angel Fornecker got the only individual win for the Rebels with Anna Fornecker scoring a half point for a tie in her game.

The Rebels trailed 15.5-8.5 at the end of the third set.

With the match already decided, the Raiders added a few more points to their final tally by claiming the three points for total pins across the match. The Rebels were outscored in that aspect by a margin of 3,300-3,132.

Rebels 15, Tullahoma 12

The Rebel bowlers advanced to the semifinals after beating the Tullahoma Wildcats 15-12 earlier in the day.

The Rebels got off to a hot start and held off a late rally from the Wildcats to advance to the next round.

The first set would be the most lopsided of the match as the Rebels won five of the six individual games. McRae, Powell, Shields, Anna Fornecker and Angel Fornecker each scored points for Franklin County.

McRae’s first game was also his best of the day as he bowled a nearly perfect score of 290. A spare in the first frame would be his only blemish for the game.

The Rebels also decisively won the points for total pins in the frame by a score of 1,065-851 to take a 7-1 lead after one set.

The second set would be split evenly with Anna Fornecker, Angel Fornecker and McRae collecting points for Franklin County.

However, the Wildcats narrowly won the points for total pins by a margin of 1,053-1,041 to tighten the score.

The Rebels led 10-6 going into the final set.

The Wildcats completed their rally in the third set as they won four of the six individual games and got the two points for total pins by a margin of 1,161-1,069 to tie the score at 12-12.

The close contest would come down to the final three points for total pins with the Rebels winning out by a score of 3,175-3,065 to get the victory.

While the district tournament marked the end of the bowling season for the Rebels as a group, seniors McRae and Powell will advance to their respective state individual tournaments after finishing in the top two for scoring averages in their district.

Powell will be making her third appearance in the girls state tournament, and McRae will be appearing in the boys state tournament for the second year in a row.