Conference champs

Members of the South Middle School boys track and field team hold their plaque after finishing in first place for their conference championship meet at Tullahoma High School Monday. Pictured, from left, are Rylan Banks, Nashawn Holman, Eli Fuqua, Na’Zaiyah Holman, Ke’Andre Johnson, Antonio Monson and Kaleb Rigsby.

All-conference selections

All-conference players for North Middle School and South Middle School for the 2019 track and field season include, kneeling, from left, Parke Edge, Ashtyn Danley, Katie Walker, Danica Stovall, Teyanni Ward, Nadiah Taylor and Kahlynia Vanzant. Standing are Eli Fuqua, Antonio Monson, Ke’Andre Johnson, Na’Zaiyah Holman, Nashawn Holman, Rylan Banks and Ada Watkins. Not pictured for North is Chandler Kile. The medals for the all-conference players were supplied by Russell Barnett Automotive.


The track and field teams of North Middle School and South Middle School competed in the Central Tennessee Conference championship meet Monday at Tullahoma High School.

The South boys won their conference championship for the third year in a row as they finished at the top of their team standings with 115 points. This put them 16 points ahead of Coffee County in second place.

The South girls placed fourth out of six teams in the girls side of the meet with 82.5 points.

The top team in the girls standings was Coffee County with 123 points.

The North girls and boys both finished sixth in their respective standings with 21 and 30 points for the meet, respectively.

The South teams racked up a total of 42 top-10 finishes for the day while the North teams notched 14 top-10 placements.

Recording first-place finishes for South were:

•        Kahlynia Vanzant, 100-meter dash, 13.26 seconds

•        Kahlynia Vanzant, Candace Dedrick, Nadiah Taylor and Rakeirra Carmichael, 4x100-meter relay, 55.22 seconds

•        Na’Zaiyah Holman, 100-meter dash, 12.08 seconds

•        Eli Fuqua, 200-meter dash, 24.46 seconds

•        Rylan Banks, 400-meter dash, 1:00.48

•        Eli Fuqua, Nashawn Holman, Ke’Andre Johnson and Na’Zaiyah Holman, 4x100-meter relay, 47.18 seconds

•        Nashawn Holman, Rylan Banks, Antonio Monson and Ke’Andre Johnson, 4x200-meter relay, 1:41.12

•        Kaleb Rigsby, Ian Walker, Luke Kelleher and Rylan Banks, 4x400-meter relay, 4:15.65

•        Eli Fuqua, long jump, 18 feet

Recording a first-place finish for North was:

•        Matthew Ratcliffe, discus throw, 97 feet, 3.75 inches

Recording second-place finishes for South were:

•        Nashawn Holman, 100-meter dash, 12.16 seconds

•        Ke’Andre Johnson, 200-meter dash, 25.47 seconds

•        Na’Zaiyah Holman, long jump, 16 feet, 6 inches

Recording second-place finishes for North were:

•        Brooklyn Blackburn, Ashtyn Danley, Danica Stovall and Katie Walker, 4x100-meter relay, 55.23 seconds

•        Braden Collins, 1,600-meter run, 5:46.65

Recording third-place finishes for South were:

•        Rakeirra Carmichael, 100-meter dash, 14.37 seconds

•        Haley Campbell, Amaya Rice, Ada Watkins and Kahlynia Vanzant, 4x200-meter relay, 2:01.78

•        Maddie Gore, Liberty Kelly, Shayla Kennerly and Hannah Campbell, 4x400-meter relay, 5:11.29

•        Candace Dedrick, high jump, 4 feet, 4 inches

•        Antonio Monson, discus throw, 88 feet, 6 inches

Recording third-place finishes for North were:

•        Braden Collins, 800-meter run, 2:35

•        Matt Swiger, shot put, 34 feet, 2.75 inches

Recording fourth-place finishes for South were:

•        Nadiah Taylor, 100-meter dash, 14.44 seconds

•        Haley Campbell, 400-meter dash, 1:11.77

Recording a fourth-place finish for North was:

•        Ashtyn Danley, shot put, 28 feet, 9.5 inches

Recording fifth-place finishes for South were:

•        Hannah Campbell, 400-meter dash, 1:11.90

•        La’Karis Brown, high jump, 4 feet, 2 inches

•        Alaya Fuqua, shot put, 28 feet, 5.75 inches

•        Ian Walker, 800-meter run, 2:35.71

Recording a fifth-place finish for North was:

•        Danica Stovall, 100-meter dash, 14.52 seconds

Recording sixth-place finishes for South were:

•        Candace Dedrick, 200-meter dash, 30.91 seconds

•        Janiya Wilson, long jump, 12 feet, 4 inches

•        Rakeirra Carmichael, shot put, 28 feet, 3.5 inches

•        Kaleb Rigsby, high jump, 4 feet, 10 inches

•        Ethan Farris, shot put, 31 feet, 9.5 inches

Recording a sixth-place finish for North was:

•        Zulema Martinez, Harley Burris, Madison Redmon and Abby Phrommala, 4x400-meter relay, 5:35.38

Recording seventh-place finishes for South were:

•        Amaya Rice, 200-meter dash, 31.09 seconds

•        Aleigha Bishop, 800-meter run, 3:13.97

•        Liberty Kelly, high jump, 4 feet, 2 inches

•        Nadiah Taylor, long jump, 11 feet, 10 inches

•        Antonio Monson, 200-meter dash, 26.95 seconds

•        Kai Baker, shot put, 31 feet, 9 inches

Recording eighth-place finishes for South were:

•        Kenyon Fuqua, 400-meter dash, 1:09.05

•        Kai Baker, discus throw, 78 feet, 10 inches

Recording eighth-place finishes for North were:

•        Katie Walker, 100-meter dash, 14.94 seconds

•        Madison Redmon, discus throw, 56 feet, 9.5 inches

Recording ninth-place finishes for South were:

•        Ada Watkins, long jump, 11 feet, 6 inches

•        Davis Hammond, 400-meter dash, 1:09.90

•        Aydin Horton, 800-meter run, 2:54.57

•        Maurious Patton, 77 feet, 3.5 inches

Recording ninth-place finishes for North were:

•        Harley Burris, 1,600-meter run, 7:55.44

•        Chandler Kile, shot put, 34 feet, 2.75 inches

Recording 10th-place finishes for South were:

•        Trinity Barber, 800-meter run, 3:21.01

•        Teyanni Ward, discus throw, 56 feet, 5.5 inches

Recording 10th-place finishes for North were:

•        Emma Owens, long jump, 11 feet, 2.5 inches

•        Matt Swiger, discus throw, 72 feet, 6 inches

The Trojans and Lady Trojans of South will next be in action on Saturday in the TMSAA state championship meet at Austin Peay State University. The meet is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

The CTC championship meet marked the end of the season for the Gators and Gatorettes of North.