Timothy Farris

Timothy Farris competes in the bench press portion of the Volunteer Classic held Saturday at the Mass Appeal Family Fitness Center in Decherd. Farris benched 352.7 pounds in the event and lifted 628.3 pounds in the deadlift for a push/pull total of 981 pounds at the event.

The World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters held the Volunteer Classic Saturday at the Mass Appeal Family Fitness Center in Decherd with many new state, national and world records being set.

The event featured competitors from across the country with ages ranging from 7 all the way up to 69.

The Volunteer Classic served as a qualifier for the WABDL World Championship meet to be held on Nov. 17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event saw a variety of records fall across various divisions with new state, national and world records set in the bench press, the deadlift and the push/pull category, which is a combination of a competitor’s top results in the deadlift and the bench press.

Records set in the bench press included:

  • Conner King, Teen Men 14-15, 137.8 pounds
  • Jacob Dixon, Teen Men 14-15, 176.2 pounds
  • Tre Stewart, Junior Men, 402.3 pounds
  • Daniel Slatton, Open Men, 468.5 pounds equipped
  • Chakkaphong Artwkla, Open Men, 380.3 pounds equipped, Thailand national record
  • Charles Kochans, Law Enforcement/Firefighter, 270.1 pounds
  • Julie Stevens, Sub-Masters Women, 115 pounds
  • Jim Thomas, Masters 67-74, 275.6 pounds
  • Robert Baggett, Masters 47-53, 226.1 pounds
  • Mark Shasteen, Masters 47-53, 385.6 pounds
  • Jeremy Pacillo, Open, 407.9 pounds
  • Charles Smith, Masters 61-67, 352.7 pounds
  • Amy Rudder Syler, Open Women, 253.5 pounds equipped
  • Dante Godinez-Zuniga, Masters 40-46, 248 pounds equipped, Mexican national record

Records set in the deadlift included:

  • Bailee Stovall, Teen Women 16-17, 220.5 pounds
  • Timothy Farris, Junior Men, 628.3 pounds
  • Julie Stevens, Sub-Masters Women, 314.2 pounds
  • Brittany Brown, Open Women, 242.5 pounds
  • Jeffrey Sanders, Class 1, 424.5 pounds
  • Don Millrany, Open, 600.8 pounds

Records set in the push/pull included:

  • James Sells, Teen Men 16-17, 672.4 pounds
  • Kye Morris, Teen Men 16-17, 463 pounds, 134-pound teen world record
  • Alex Boesch, Junior Men, 639.3 pounds
  • Noah Davis, Junior Men, 881.8 pounds
  • Timothy Farris, Junior Men, 981 pounds
  • Cory Brown, Law Enforcement/Firefighter, 722 pounds, Law Enforcement/Firefighter world record
  • Julie Stevens, Sub-Master Women, 429.9 pounds
  • Tyler Blaylock, Open, 975.5 pounds
  • Brandon Lewter, Masters 40-46, 683.4 pounds

Cory and Brittany Brown, the owners of the Mass Appeal Family Fitness Center, along with meet director Ken Millrany, thanked the staff of judges, spot loaders and scorers who helped to put the event on.